Mega Mind Cookie #1

How long can you go about doing the same thing non stop no breaks just straight out pure concentration? I hope you said it depends! ‘Cause there are going to be times where a skill like this will come in handy, like they say, ya gotta werk hard ta get ter where yous want to […]

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Fly By

Wow it feels like ages since I last wrote a post and in all likelihood it really has been ages, my blog tells me it was 20 days ago. Daaanngg, 20 days sounds like A LONG time. That’s basically the better half of the month gone Well it’s not to say that I’ve been idle […]

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Goals – Iteration 1

You know how you get motivated the closer it is to a deadline for school or work? I’m getting that motivation right now but I don’t know what deadline is coming up maybe it’s just been a long time coming šŸ˜• I’ve recently been actively pursuing some self imposed goals that’s been floatingĀ in my head […]

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I’d like to think it was a fluke and by no means a measure of my resolve to actually make progress with my goals but the way the week turned out there wasn’t much room for hard work. Having left off in my last post with a positive headstrong attitude and an immaculate room I […]

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I don’t know what it is but there’s something in the air this April, a little over a week into the month I’ve found my bearings and began a much needed rejuvenation process. Whatever it is that drives a person into doing anything had been slowly building up and nourishing itself, waiting until a unique […]

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Battle Plan

There was a reason I decided to pick up blogging again, a very profound reason I feel and have been throwing things around trying to figure out the best way to present this in my blogging. I finally thought what better way to show what’s been brewing in my head than to summarise what kind […]

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Is it weird when someone leaves without saying anything? Maybe a little rude? Well unfortunately I’m somewhat of a master of doing just that. On the brighter side you probably didn’t miss me over the four or so months I was away and I’m good with that ^_^ Er so why did I suddenly emerge […]

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For the Young’uns

I can safely say I grew up happy all the way from being a baby to now as college graduate but there are inevitably those things that you wish you’d known before, like waay before. This comes with the benefit of hindsight because really, how exactly are you supposed to know what you should be […]

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